Turn Their Head Gift Assortment To Cook-Islands

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- Salted Almonds hundred gr; Chocolate covered nuts hundred gr; Pretzels fifty gr; Snack Mix by 150 gr; Roasted and Salted Peanuts hundred gr; Sugar Cookies hundred gr; Cookies 150 gr; Chocolate Wafers hundred gr; Pistachios fifty gr;- Chocolate Wafers hundred gr;- Chocolate Sweets hundred gr;- Toffees hundred gr; Crackers 150 gr; Caramels hundred gr;- European Chocolate Bar fifty gr;- Dark Chocolate Bar fifty gr;- Peppermint Chocolate (or similar gourmet chocolate) hundred gr;- Chocolate Bar with Peanuts; Chocolate Bonbons 150 gr; Gourmet Crisps fifty gr;- Sugary Cookies hundred gr; Gourmet Spicy Cheese (or similar cheese) 150 gr; Smoked Sausage 200 gr; Shortbread Cookies hundred gr;- Gift Wrapping; Greeting Card.

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